Civility costs nothing, and buys everything. ~ Mary Wortley Montagu

Email Etiquette Simplified

Email is an essential business tool and like any tool, if it’s used correctly, is very effective. However, it has the potential to turn off possible customers and be career limiting if used unwisely. When writing a business email, keep in mind that you aren’t writing...

Lighten Up Your Summer Business Wardrobe

We are finally getting out from under winter coats to meet the longer days of glorious sunlight! This is a good opportunity to assess how your business wardrobe can reflect this change of season while keeping the professional look in mind. Calgary is not a tropical...

Business Style: First Impressions Count! 5 Image Breakers

When meeting someone for the first time, whether that person is an interviewer or prospective client, you need to pay attention to your image. A simple working definition of the word image is your particular message conveyed to those around you. Social scientists say...

Networking: How to Work a Room

Meeting new people can be very stressful. The hands get cold with sweaty palms, the mind goes blank for topics of conversation and you may be tempted to remain beside the bar keeping the bartender company. This is not recommended, of course. The art of small talk is...

Networking Styles: How to go from Office to the Party in a Flash

This is a busy time of year when many demands are made on your time. While the demands can be enjoyable like attending parties or networking events, you need some preparation and planning with your daytime wardrobe so that feelings of being overwhelmed in the process...

Body Types: Breaking down the Elements of Style

Assessing body types means taking into consideration horizontal and vertical measurements. Horizontal body type looks at the ratio of bust, waist and hips. A visual look at the body in the mirror is also useful. The body type that is perfect for all women is the Hour...

How to Create Your Own Personal Style: The 3 Elements

Contrary to popular belief, most women actually detest shopping. They walk into a store, get overwhelmed, try on some items and get frustrated. Then walk out again. Fashion magazines are not helpful either. The models are usually dressed in outfits that would not be...

Back to Business Style: Fall Fashion Must Haves

As summer winds down and the kids head back to school, why not pick up a few Fall fashion must haves to freshen up your business style (you are back to school shopping anyways)! This season’s colours include oxblood (yes, sounds icky but think deep wine hue)…this...

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