About Maria

I seek constantly to improve my manners and graces, for they are the sugar to which all are attracted. ~ Og Mandino

With a background in Consumer Marketing, Maria has had a varied career working in the fitness industry, retail and corporate along with raising her children with her husband. Her work has also included mentoring young people. Maria believes her experience in working with various age groups helps her to connect with all types of individuals.

As a result, she decided to be trained as a Civility Consultant by The Civility Experts Company. As more and more articles are repeating the deplorable lack of civility by celebrities and others, it is crucial for our young people to understand that this is relevant in their daily dealings with family members, teachers, friends and even strangers. As a parent of teens, Maria knows first-hand how important this is. The teen who begins to put soft skills into practice is showing good sense and a growing sensitivity to others. All signs of a mature adult.

In addition, Maria decided to expand her knowledge base by becoming a Style consultant helping young university/college female grads and other women to understand the ABC’s of image – appearance, behavior, communication. She received her training from Mary Sheehan Warren, co-founder of Elegance in Style. Maria has contributed articles to Entrepreneur Mom Now offering her expertise on style and work wardrobe issues. And occasionally, her articles appear in Culinary Magazine, also.

Giving Back

In the past, Maria has volunteered with the Walk-In Closet program of Making Changes Association. She provided practical help for clients needing to acquire no cost business clothing who were transitioning into the workplace. Often she presented their “First Impressions – image in the workplace” seminar to groups or organizations who requested this service.

Kicking Back

For fun and relaxation with her family, Maria enjoys hiking, reading, listening to live jazz music and finding treasures created by local artists at Farmers’ Markets.

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