Manners are the basic building blocks of civil society. ~ Alexander McCall Smith

How Oversharing can Hurt Job Prospects

Once again, someone recently used Twitter to air her grievance. It’s becoming a too common occurrence. Whether someone leaves a nasty note on a vehicle about parking issues or notes to neighbors about their “noisy” children or invoices to parents who missed the party...

How are your basic manners?

How are your basic manners?? My Etiquette program and one of my classes were featured in this video from Shaw TV.

Maria Doll Interview

In episode 47 of DAWCast: Music Entrepreneurship, Anna Mae Alexander and David Andrew Wiebe interview Maria Doll from Leadership Matters.

Is chivalry dead on Calgary Transit? Pregnant mother expects change.

Expectant mother Mandy Flynn recalls the desperate struggle to find an open seat before she fainted inside a LRT car. It was a hot-and-sticky ride through downtown with rush-hour commuters piled into the CTrain vehicle. Despite being visibly pregnant and increasingly...

Around the Dinner Table

Summertime means BBQ’s and family reunions, an excellent time for children to practice their dining manners. Etiquette consultant Maria Doll joins Global Calgary with details.

Calgary Transit reminding riders to mind their manners

Calgary Sun Marie Cooper and Bob Andrew from the Kerby Centre look for a seat through the sea of "lounge Lizards" at a Calgary Transit press conference on their new ad campaign bringing awareness to the need for basic manners. Stuart Dryden/Calgary Sun/QMI Agency If...

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Maria and her Etiquette Program have been featured in several media outlets including:


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