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Hello, my name is Maria Doll, Etiquette Expert of Leadership Matters. I’m so glad that you visited today.

You are a clever person, obviously, why else would you be visiting my website? Because you know that etiquette is a very important skill set for children to learn and you’re looking for some good resources. I agree with you.

As we know, etiquette isn’t something fussy and out of date from some bygone era nor is it a way of acting with a superior attitude towards others. No, absolutely not.

We use etiquette to interact with people in a good way because everyone:

  • Deserves to be treated with respect…whether we like them or not.
  • Should feel welcomed and put at ease.
  • Will know that we have integrity.

I have been a certified Etiquette trainer for the past 9 years working with adults, families, youth, and children facilitating workshops, courses, and camps. I also provide one-on-one personal coaching for anyone (youth or adult) who wants to up their game in the social skills department.

I am absolutely delighted to assist you and your family to become more confident with etiquette.


Online Course Offering

Social Skills Course for Children covers most areas of etiquette pertinent for children between the ages of 5 to 11 yrs old.

The course includes 13 short videos, worksheets and role plays providing well-rounded lessons. Completion certificate also provided.

Teen Leadership

Two different programs are offered for Tweens & Teens geared for helping the participants become confident leaders through acquiring good communication skills.

1 on 1 consults

Need help in specific areas of etiquette? Using an etiquette assessment tool, Maria can help individuals and families become more comfortable with knowing the correct manners to use in different situations that crop up.

Manners Video Series

Manners in a Minute

Maria has crafted a series of YouTube videos designed to educate children and adults in proper manners, how to avoid dinner distractions and thoughts body language.

Etiquette Store

Leadership Matters Store

Giving the gift of manners just got a whole easier whether you’re a parent or a teacher. Check out my store for unique ways to improve our children’s manners everyday!


Maria and her Etiquette Program have been featured in several media outlets including:



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