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Networking & Dining With Style

Network and Dine in Style

Never wonder again how to manage your next networking or dining event. This booklet covers the basics of networking such as:

  • What to wear?
  • Where does the nametag go?
  • Should I eat ahead of time?
  • How to shake hands properly?
  • What is the etiquette surrounding business cards?
  • And much more…


And the basics of dining including:

  • How to navigate the courses?
  • Where does the napkin go?
  • What are the 9 blunders to avoid?
  • How to eat difficult foods?
  • What to order on the menu?
  • What are the rules for chewing?

And much more…

As an added bonus, a section on decoding the Dress Code means you’ll never be caught unaware of how to dress appropriately.

This well-priced booklet will take your career to the next level. Are you ready?

Price: $10.00 Each



Children love to read and what better way to keep manners in focus than with a terrific bookmark placed in their fav book. The bookmark includes ideas connected to MANNERS to remind the children how to be more gracious towards others.

It measures 3X9 and would make a great gift for family members or classroom students.

Price: $1.00 each -or- 10 for $8.00



Stepping Stones Poster

This poster outlines the main Stepping Stones of practicing good manners everyday developing good habits.

It’s perfect to use in the home as reminders for parents & children. Teachers would find this an excellent tool in the classroom for teaching manners to their students.

The poster which measure 16X25 comes ready to put up on the wall right away!!

Price: $10.00 each

Blunders GameBlunders Game

Help the Blunders family acquire the good manners they need to attend the Mannerly’s Annual Pool Party Extravaganza. But having good manners will also help them make more friends, do better in school and develop self confidence. Follow them on their manners adventure, moving along the path, reading fun scenarios and answering important manners questions to be the first one invited to the pool party!

2 to 4 players or teams ages 5+

Contents: 300 Question Cards (3 Decks), 12 Tokens, 9 Table Setting Cards, 4 Pawns (Billy, Brenda, Bobby and Becky Blunder) and Stands, 2 Dice, Game Board, Blunders’ Story/Rules Booklet

Here are just some of the awards this game has won:

  • Mom’s Choice Gold Award
  • 5 Star rating from What’s The Stuff Toy Review
  • The Today Show “Favorite Thing”
  • Creative Child – Game of the Year award

Price: $29.95 each

Manners Mats

Manners Mats

It’s difficult for young children to wait patiently for their food at a restaurant. As an alternative to playing with the electronic gadgets, these fun, paper placemats loaded with games, puzzles and activities are a great way to teach manners when dining out. Each pad includes 38 different tear-off placemats.

Price: $9.95 for each pad

Place Setting Placemat

Place Setting Placemat

Do your children struggle to set the table properly? This placemat shows the correct placing of all of the items that make up an informal meal setting. So easy and fun to use. It’s triple laminated so clean up is a snap and sure to last a long time.

Price: $5.00 each 2 for $8.00 3 for $12.00



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