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Rudeness repels positive and supportive people. Civility attracts them. ~Ty Howard

The following workshop can be presented to students in a school setting or for a club or sports association. The cost for the three hour workshop will be $400. If you are from out of town, a mileage charge will be added. The option to have a one or two hour workshop (topics would be your choice!!) would work as well. The pricing would be for one hour – $150. and two hour – $250.

Please contact Maria Doll to book a presentation for your group.

If you are a parent needing coaching for your teen, please contact Maria through the One on One Consultation page.

Well Mannered Communicator 

well-mannered communicator

After this workshop, the participants will be more confident using the different media available to communicate effectively including creating a positive digital “footprint”. They will learn the pitfalls to avoid, also.

  • Verbal – polite conversations; good introductions; negotiation; conflict resolution
  • Digital – social media; cell phone manners; empathy
  • Written – learn how to compose a simple personal letter (12-14 yrs old) or compose an email for a job placement (15-18 yrs old)

The participants will use role-plays; quizzes and receive hand-outs. to It’s never too early to become well mannered communicators!!

Teens aged 12-14 yrs old or 15-18 yrs old would benefit from this program.



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Alessandra learned a lot in your class.  I am very glad that she took it.

Celine C., parent of one participant

Our 8 year old daughter Anastasia completed Maria’s etiquette course this past April. When a contractor arrived at our home a bit early, we were very impressed with her manners. My wife wasn’t able to go to the door, so she asked our daughter to answer it and see him in. Rather than simply say “come in,” she took his coat and invited him to have a seat in the living room. She also sat and had a conversation with him until we arrived. Surprised at her response, we asked how she knew what to do and why she had showed so much hospitality. She said she learned it at the etiquette course.

David & Kelley H., parents of a participant


Maria and her Etiquette Program have been featured in several media outlets including:



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