Around the Dinner Table

Summertime means BBQ’s and family reunions, an excellent time for children to practice their dining manners. Etiquette consultant Maria Doll joins Global Calgary with details.

10 Qualities of a Lady

Once again, I’m happy to have Deborah King’s guest blog post about being a lady as a follow-up to the last post dealing with gentlemen. There is a lot of confusion and concern that even broaching the subject can seem a tad old-fashioned. I disagree and I believe if...

Lighten Up Your Summer Business Wardrobe

We are finally getting out from under winter coats to meet the longer days of glorious sunlight! This is a good opportunity to assess how your business wardrobe can reflect this change of season while keeping the professional look in mind. Calgary is not a tropical...


Maria and her Etiquette Program have been featured in several media outlets including: