5 Rules of Winter Trail Etiquette You Might Not Know

Cross country skiers, ski-shoers, snowshoers, “fat tire” bikes, snowmobilers, hikers are all hitting the trails in our beautiful Rockies. However, a little understanding of good trail etiquette will mitigate any rude or disruptive or even dangerous behavior. Snow on...

10 Tips to Email Your Professor Like A Boss

Email etiquette can be a struggle for students as the topic is never taught in high school. But it’s very important to learn this skill as professors in universities & colleges are etiquette professionals. And your future boss will be one, too. It’s never too...

Better Zoom Sessions for Kids with These Tips

Wow!! Who would have thought that at the beginning of 2020, the year would take such a strange turn of events worldwide with quarantines; lockdowns; social distancing in addition to working from home because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many school teachers & their...

What NOT to Say to an Adoptive Parent(s)

I was reading an interesting post about an adoptive mom and her challenges with those who say the darnedest things about her family!! What piqued my curiosity was to learn about her experiences as I’m an adoptive mom, too. Adoption has a certain mystique about it....

6 Ways to Help Your Children Handle the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dr. Meg Meeker is a favorite expert of mine pertaining to issues about healthcare for children. Her approach is based on solid experience dealing with her own pediatric patients and their families. Please read her comments on this pandemic. President Trump has just...

Costco Shopping Made Easy with These 10 Tips

I don’t know about you but I need to be in a certain frame of mind to go shopping at Costco. The idea of going to battle crosses my mind!! I need to do lots of deep breathing and realize that many of my fellow Costco shoppers may not read this blog post inspired by...

Global Dining Do’s and Don’ts

As the business world gets smaller due to globalization, it's not uncommon to have work colleagues who live in other parts of the world. While feeling closer knit within a community is a good thing, there are still cultural differences that exist and these need to be...

Adulting 101

When my children were little, the newest buzzword was actually a noun that was given a verb tense. I’m talking about the word “parent”. My “dyed in the wool English teacher” mother-in-law was aghast at the way the noun was being used. Even I have caught on and talk...

Get Teens Communicating This Summer

The end of the school term is quickly approaching in some regions while other places already have had children and youth home for the past month. This time of year can be angst-filled especially if you have teens who would prefer not to rise before 1:00 pm every day....

Do your Fitness Goals include Good Gym Etiquette, too?

It’s the New Year. And with that come the resolutions especially the one related to getting the elusive "six pack"!! Most gyms see a surge of new memberships only to see most of those fall away by mid-March. Nevertheless, whenever a group of people congregate, there...

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