Children love to have their friends over to play and also to visit in order to see where the other person lives. They like to check out their games and other fun activities. These excursions are excellent teaching moments. They learn the importance of being good Hosts & Guests making others feel welcomed and comfortable.

Acquaint your child with these Tips for the Host:

  • Greet your friend at the door. Introduce him/her to the parents or siblings that are home.
  • Remind your friend about your family House Rules.
  • Offer your friend a snack and a drink.
  • Have a plan of suggested activities beforehand of what you & your friend will do together. Don’t expect Mom or Dad to come up with brilliant ideas!! Remember your friend gets to decide what both of you will do!! That’s being a good Host…
  • Clean up any messes together.
  • Walk your friend to the door and thank him/her for coming over.

When the situation is reversed, remind your child of the Tips for the Guest:

  • Have a polite greeting for your friend. Shake hands with the parents & siblings. Use eye contact and your best, firm handshake!!
  • Remove your shoes.
  • Listen to the House Rules and obey them especially if they are quite different from yours.
  • Never snoop through any drawers or open closed doors.
  • Accept whatever is provided as a snack as long as there’s no allergy issue. Don’t ask for something else to eat. They aren’t running a restaurant!! And never help yourself to food.
  • Offer to help clean up any messes or put away toys, Lego or games that were used. Don’t leave that job for your friend.
  • When your friend walks you to the door, thank her again for a fun time. Say Good bye and offer gratitude to the parents, also.

Learning to become a good Host or Guest means that your child gains important knowledge about treating others well and making them feel at ease. Arrange these play-dates often to create opportunities to practice these skills. Remember, if our children are polite guests, then they’ll be invited back, for sure!!

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