As we say Good bye to 2015, I took a moment to pause and make an assessment of general civility over the past year. So I came up with my personal “wish list” or resolutions for 2016 that will help to increase the level of civility around us.

Athletic wear

I would like to see less yoga pants & racer back tops when I go shopping. I realize that after the work-out there are errands to run. But how hard is it to bring along a change of clothes in the gym bag? Furthermore, yoga pants have even become part of “business” attire. Unless you work for Lululemon, those ubiquitous pants aren’t appropriate…period.

Cell phone

We are all getting “text” neck staring at our phones whether walking around or sitting on public transit. Maybe that’s why it’s a “cell” phone because we seem to be imprisoned by them. Let’s try to unplug a little every day for the coming year. Familiarize yourself with family members. Remember who they are?? Go outside for a walk. Learn a new skill. Read a great book. You get the idea!!

Eye contact

People have stopped looking at each other. I’ve watched individuals in conversation together and they’re both looking at their own phones. Huh?? Good grief!! Look at one another in the eyes…smile. Be genuinely interested in people instead of worrying about the next status up-date.

Respect for public property

I can’t tell you how it drives me crazy to see people put their dirty footwear on a leather seat at a shopping mall or movie theatre. If you tried that stunt in my home, you’d get an earful. But I would suspect that they wouldn’t be overly thrilled if this happened in their home either. So why wreck public property, then? Or leave muddy dirt that someone has to remove from their clothing. Not very mannerly, I’d say.

Hand-written thank you cards

Yes, I’m sounding like your mother. There’s nothing wrong with showing appreciation to someone who gave of their time to buy or make us a gift for a special occasion. Or maybe they hosted us at their home for the weekend. Or we were invited to a very special family event….


Please RSVP in a timely manner. Don’t make the host have to contact you a few days before the event to see if you’re attending. Let the host know as quickly as possible. And furthermore, if you’ve said that you’re attending, then attend, for goodness’ sake!! And if plans fall through at the last moment, let the host know ASAP. Plus, offer to pay any out of pocket costs for your absence. The host may decline but she’ll appreciate the offer, just the same.

Comment section

I enjoy reading good articles and passing them on to friends via FB. Sometimes, the comments section contains such vile & vulgar responses that often I won’t forward the article. Open debate on ideas has devolved into disgusting comments against the person. I have read that CBC has turned off the comment section after news articles for this reason. Quite frankly, I don’t blame them. Let’s keep it clean for 2016!!

Dining out

I could blog about this topic quite easily!! Just two things I would add. Thing one, I would love to see people turn off the phones and remove them from the table. Thing two, eat with the mouth closed sparing all of us the sight of the first stage of digestion. I don’t think that’s too much to ask, is it?? Driving around I’ll never understand how otherwise mild-mannered people get behind the wheel of their car and assume they own the road. Really?? About 50% of the time do I receive a hand acknowledgement when I let a vehicle in the lane ahead of me. Then, I witness drivers speed up when I signal to get into their lane. Why?? We’re all trying to get from point A to point B safely and in one piece. Let’s try to show more kindness and patience towards those who share the road with us.

Friends, I wish all of you many blessings for the coming year.

What would you add to the list? Please share in the comments below.

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