Many families love to have a mid-winter getaway to escape the blahs of the season especially in Calgary where winter can go on and on. Traveling by car may be risky at this time with inclement weather that can happen suddenly in our Canadian winters. The alternative way to go is air travel, of course. However, this mode of transportation has all the charm and excitement of a trip to the dentist. Traveling by air doesn’t have the appeal it once had. The following tips can help alleviate our stress levels by being as prepared as possible.

  • Give yourself enough time to get to the airport. Being late or feeling rushed may make tempers flare and good manners may go out the window.
  • Check the weight of the suitcase at home by using a handheld gauge available at travel stores. Nothing will increase stress more than having to repack the suitcase in front of other passengers in the line-up.
  • Make a point of knowing what is and is not allowed on carry-on luggage, too. The airlines are often changing the guidelines without warning.
  • Be respectful to airline staff in the event that the seat that was pre-booked is not unavailable or the flight is delayed in arriving or departing. Expect some minor inconveniences and you’ll have the patience to deal with it better.
  • On the plane, ask permission of your fellow passenger if you need to move their coat or carry-on in the overhead compartment.
  • Dress appropriately yet comfortably because of the closeness with other passengers on the plane. Very short shorts, low cut tops or muscle shirts belong somewhere else…not while you’re on the plane.
  • Traveling with children presents its own set of challenges. Provide snacks, books & crayons to keep them occupied.
  • Don’t allow your children to kick the seat in front of them or grab the head rest, either.
  • Go to the bathroom before boarding the plane. Nothing is more annoying than disturbing fellow passengers by climbing over them to go to the restroom as soon as the “fasten seat belt” light is turned off.
  • As a courtesy to others sitting near you, keep the volume down when you have your ear buds in.

Wherever you go during the up-coming Easter holidays, I hope your trip is safe and memorable connecting with those important people in your life. Hopefully these suggestions will improve your opinion on air travel. What would you add to this “wish list” of good behavior of fellow passengers? Share in comments below.

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