Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Parents often worry whether their child is ready for Kindergarten in terms of intellectual readiness. They want to be sure that all or most of the bases have been covered. But don’t forget about the social readiness that’s very important, too. The following are 5 main...

Do’s and Don’ts of Biking Etiquette

Nothing says “Summer is finally here!!” then when people get out and go biking! It’s a simple way to enjoy those terrific pathways. Did you know that Calgary boasts over 500 km of bike lanes and pathways?? Bike blogger, Tom Babin, has some tips for us to make it safe...

Keep Junior From Being a Screen Junkie This Summer

It’s almost the end of the school year and everyone is itching for some "fun in the sun" relaxation. Parents also enjoy the change from the daily grind of the family schedule!!! Even with the best of intentions, sometimes our children may become glued to their...

Six Things You Need to Know About Service Dogs

I have always loved dogs since I can remember. I especially have a soft spot for Service animals. They are a very special select group of canines. Did you know they begin their two year training from day 1 as puppies? I once asked a trainer who had a puppy “in...

How Oversharing can Hurt Job Prospects

Once again, someone recently used Twitter to air her grievance. It’s becoming a too common occurrence. Whether someone leaves a nasty note on a vehicle about parking issues or notes to neighbors about their “noisy” children or invoices to parents who missed the party...

How Civility can Inspire Your Leadership

Cell phone rudeness, chronic lateness, bullying, unprofessional dress, poor customer service… the statistics on incivility are alarming and endless. We are painfully aware of the gross lack of civility. We are either subjected to it or witness acts of rudeness...

How Is Your Family Having a #NoPhoneFamilyDay?

Do you know the origins of Family Day? Well, it all started in Alberta in 1990, to be exact. This comes as no surprise right, fellow Albertans? We have the reputation of being Mavericks and I like that about our wonderful Province.  Anyway, Premier Don Getty decided...

What an Ancient Egyptian can Teach Us about Manners

Who do you think was the earliest person to write about good manners? Emily Post?  You’d be wrong!!  The earliest recorded manners manual came from an Egyptian vizier (First Minister) during the 5th Dynasty of the reign of Pharaoh Djedkare Isesi.  His name is...

Getting Smart about Afternoon Tea

Did you know that January has been affectionately dedicated to drinking Hot Tea? Definitely makes sense in our northern hemisphere. Nothing is more rejuvenating or heart-warming than a warm pot of tea shared between friends. History of Tea Many urban legends abound...

10 Pleasant Ways to be Civil in 2017

I have a confession to make. I’m terrible at making resolutions. They’re usually broken by January 4th. However, when it comes to civility, that’s a different matter entirely. While I love to teach this important topic, I work at “walking the talk”, too. I gave some...

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