Dressed for Leadership

I believe that my clothes can give people a better image of themselves – that it can increase their feelings of confidence and happiness. ~Giorgio Armani

Who looks more competent for her Job Interview?

Sharp and Sophisticated OR College Cheerleader?


Female Lawyers

Avoid this unfortunate disconnect.

Dressing with purpose means the correct message/image is conveyed to your audience.
A First Impression is made within 7-10 seconds!!! Make it count…

The 3 “Knows”!


1. Know Your Industry
  • How formal or casual is your industry?
  • When attending trade fairs, do you know the appropriate attire?
  • Not sure how to dress at the office? Ask HR for the company dress code.
  • Are you wanting to move up the corporate ladder? Watch what upper management wears, and do likewise!!

Remember the adage – “Dress for the job you want, rather than the job you have!”


2. Know Your Dress Code

Business Formal

Business Formal

Business Casual

Business Casual



Casual (Uniform)

Causal (Uniform)


3. Know How to Become a Savvy Shopper

Have a plan for your Business Wardrobe. It’s the hardest working wardrobe so spend a little more on exceptional quality items rather than mere quantity.

See how many potential outfits can be created with 10-12 items. (Click to Enlarge)


How Can We Help You Make a Great First Impression?


Professional Services

Wondering how to put this all together, Maria’s expertise will make you stand out from the competition.

Color Analysis – $135

  • Warm Color vs. Cool ColorLearn how value & intensity of those WOW colors flatter you.
  • This detailed color analysis includes a Personal Palette that fits in your purse and an information booklet providing tips about color theory, neutrals, how to create color harmony in your wardrobe.


Personal Style Shopping – $100/hr

(3 Hour Minimum)

  • Do you need help creating a core wardrobe for a new job or job interview? Are you transitioning in any way in your life?
  • An extra pair of eyes can make all of the difference in making shopping a more pleasant experience. Contrary to popular belief, most women actually detest shopping. Let Maria’s expertise help you make wise purchases.
  • Your budget is not an obstacle. Maria’s pre-shopping research will make sure that you won’t over spend.

The Gift of Confidence:

Gift Certificates

  • These are a great idea for new graduates from college/university or for anyone who is embarking on a new adventure in life.
  • Certificates towards of any of Maria’s services make a great Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas gift for that special woman in your life.
  • They can be purchased as a gift card toward services available in denominations of $50. or $100. Or a Color Analysis may be purchased for $135. The certificate would be available to be downloaded when payment through PayPal is received.

Please contact Maria Doll for information on purchasing Gift Certificates.


Maria and her Etiquette Program have been featured in several media outlets including:


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