Bring back quality time with the kids at dinner time!

This program was designed to not only help you teach your children better dinner table etiquette, but also to help you bring your family closer.

When we dine together in a polite and courteous manner, we all win.


This course is for you if:

  • You find that you’re forever correcting your children’s dining etiquette
  • You crave great mealtime conversation with your children
  • You are frustrated by mealtime shenanigans
  • You wonder where to start to begin teaching dining manners

Is it too late?

No, it’s never too late! Dining isn’t just about physical nourishment but also about creating bonds as a family. The important criterion that children need is lots of practice in a positive, engaging way.

These days, it’s a challenge for families to sit together for a meal. With so many other things pulling our attention away from each other – smartphones, iPads, extracurricular activity schedules, text messages, WhatsApp – it’s getting harder to compete.

Use this course as a quick reference tool to remind you of the information in the modules.

Take Back the Table helps you reclaim this precious family time through simple-to-follow strategies for families with children of any age.

Take it on, one meal at a time.

You can – and will – Take Back the Table!