We are rejoicing with Britain on the occasion of the birth of Will & Kate’s son, Third heir to the throne. Just on the off chance that you receive an invitation to the Royal Christening, here are some Royal Etiquette tips to make the happy visit memorable.

Don’t be late. Do I need to explain why this is important?? And tweeting from the church would be considered the height of bad manners, too. Cell phones need to be turned off during the ceremony.

Appropriate attire. Dress code for this event would be Formal. Men should don their suits and tie. Women can wear cocktail length dresses with a hat or fascinator. Avoid a sleeveless dress unless you wear a shrug over top.

Greeting. Greet Queen Elizabeth as Her Majesty, then as Ma’am in further conversation. Refrain from calling her Liz or Queenie. Practice your curtsy (for women) and bow (for men). Since we are Canadians, she is our Head of State as Canada is part of the Commonwealth. If meeting any other Royals like Will & Kate, bow or curtsy and call him/her Your Royal Highness then Sir or Ma’am.

Never offer a handshake. Royal etiquette demands that we never touch the Queen or any other member of the Royal Family. However, if they offer their hand, shake it politely…not too tight or too hard. No hugs, no kiss on the cheek (even for the Royal baby) or touching the shoulder.

Keep conversation brief and pleasant. The Royal Family is genuinely interested in their guests. Smile, make eye contact, be friendly and don’t ask anything personal. Mimicking their British accent wouldn’t be a good idea either. And never turn your back on the Queen.

Gifting. This link has some great last-minute gift-giving ideas to welcome the newest Royal member.

Have a wonderful time, relax and take lots of pictures when appropriate to do so, of course. William Hanson, an expert on protocol, has this piece of advice for us.

“Remember that the Royal Family is master of coordinating this kind of event. They know how to deal with people from all sorts of backgrounds, from all around the world, and they know how to help people do the right thing.”

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