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Never wonder again how to manage your next networking or dining event.

Manners Mats
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This booklet covers the basics of networking such as:

  • What to wear?
  • Where does the nametag go?
  • Should I eat ahead of time?
  • How to shake hands properly?
  • What is the etiquette surrounding business cards?
  • And much more…

And the basics of dining including:

  • How to navigate the courses?
  • Where does the napkin go?
  • What are the 9 blunders to avoid?
  • How to eat difficult foods?
  • What to order on the menu?
  • What are the rules for chewing?

And much more…

As an added bonus, a section on decoding the Dress Code means you’ll never be caught unaware of how to dress appropriately.

This well-priced booklet will take your career to the next level. Are you ready?

Price: $10.00

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