Graduations & Weddings may be on your itinerary this year. On a personal note, my youngest son graduated from high school. I’m actually feeling a twinge of sadness but excited for his future endeavors, too. With all major milestones in life, a special meal is always the centre of festivities. I won’t delve into the ins and outs of formal dining etiquette but I do want to cover toasting at the meal.

The Three B’s to toasting are:


Be brief

Be seated

Keeping these ideas in mind, consider wedding toast tips. If you have been asked to give a toast, this is a very special privilege. Whether you are nervous doing any type of public speaking or you are the Toastmaster, extraordinaire, these pointers will keep you steady and successful:

Have a glass of wine, but just one

Having a drink can calm your nerves…too much, and you’re entering embarrassing territory. I attended a reception where the Bridal party got hammered between the meal and the speeches. It was terrible and it’s the only thing I remember about the whole event. So disappointing…


If you’re not used to public speaking, please don’t wing it. This is a solemn event and you want to make it special for the couple. No one will mind a prepared “few” words. Do practice ahead of time so you sound natural. Remember to be brief!!

Stay positive…stay clean

This isn’t the time to tell “funny” or rude jokes about how hard marriage is or make allusions to the couple’s past adventures that could be awkward for them. Not everyone is part of the inner circle so avoid overly personal remarks or lengthy stories.

What should you say?

  • If you’re the Maid or Honor, Best man or other Guest, try this formula:
  • Thank the hosts of the reception (the parents of the Bride and/or Groom)
  • Short introduction about how you know the Bride/Groom or couple
  • Why the Bride/ Groom is a wonderful person
  • Why the Bride and Groom make such a wonderful couple
  • A heartfelt wish or hope for their long marriage

If you’re the Bride, try this formula:

  • Even if your parents aren’t paying for the Wedding, thank them for helping to make your dream wedding possible
  • Thank all of your relatives and friends for being part of this wonderful day
  • Lastly, thank the Groom’s parents for giving you this wonderful man
  • Encourage everyone to dance and have fun (Source – What Should You Say?)

If you’re at a Graduation Banquet, the Graduate may want to toast his/her parents or other relatives may want to toast their newest Grad, also.

Here are some sample toasts:

  • As you leave the world of academia and enter the world of reality, remember the best way to change the world is to set an example for others to follow.
  • Always remember that education is important. It’s what you have left over after you have forgotten everything you learned.

And lastly for the person being toasted, please don’t drink from your glass. Remain seated. Just smile and acknowledge everyone’s kind words.

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