1) Isn’t a stylist only for celebrities or the very rich?

That may have been true in the past. But today, many people benefit from having the professional guidance of a trained, certified style consultant. You may be changing jobs, lifestyle change eg. working full-time switching to retirement, or personal shopping for an up-coming trip, etc. These are great opportunities to hire someone with expertise who can provide assistance in redefining your wardrobe when necessary.

2) Aren’t style consultants’ fees too expensive?

The fees may seem high initially but the services are enormously helpful. They know how to dress your body type, know your fashion personality & great colours to wear. This information is applied to your specific wardrobe needs. Now there’s a plan for future purchases. No more impulse buying for you!!

So in the long run over several years or so, the advice from a style consultant will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars that would have been spent on the wrong clothing for your body type, lifestyle, personality, etc.

3) I know how to dress for work. Why do I need a style consultant?

Are you often passed over for promotions that you’re qualified for? A style consultant can help audit your image. What’s the message being conveyed? Are your clothes fitting in with what upper management wears? If not, time to change!! Are you sporting the same hair-do from high school? Time to change that, too!! The professional services of a style consultant can help up-date your look that says you’re ready for the next step!!

4) Why does it matter how I dress? No one cares anymore.

People do care especially if you are trying to make a good first impression. Statistically, we only have a matter of seconds to do this well. In order for our future impressions to be lasting means that they should be good ones at the beginning.

Furthermore, dress codes still exist. Dressing appropriately for every occasion shows that you care about those whom you are with. A sign that you are thoughtful, intelligent, have good sense. A style consultant is trained to help you avoid common pitfalls in order to make all first meetings truly memorable.

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