It’s the New Year. And with that come the resolutions especially the one related to getting the elusive “six pack”!! Most gyms see a surge of new memberships only to see most of those fall away by mid-March. Nevertheless, whenever a group of people congregate, there is a need to know the basic expectations of behavior. Gyms are no different especially because of the safety issue for new athletes joining for the first time.

Personally, I really enjoy keeping active and some years back, joined a CrossFit box (AKA gym). To keep you up to speed on the CrossFit lexicon, the acronym WOD refers to Work Out of the Day that is referenced in this post. And we Crossfitters don’t work out at a gym but at a box!! I asked one of our Coaches, John Rogers, for his input on good etiquette at the gym or box. I credit his wisdom for much of this post.

  1. Put your stuff away

Just like in Kindergarten when you learned to clean up, the same is expected where you work out even if you’re returning later in the day. Nothing looks more unkempt than walking into a class and seeing plates lying around or bands still tied on the rig from the prior group. Take pride in keeping the box (or gym) tidy & inviting.

  1. Don’t drop the barbell

When removing the plates, dropping the barbell will cause the Coach much angst. Plus, they are very expensive to replace. Show respect for the equipment as you show respect for yourself.

  1. Wipe off your DNA from the equipment

If you sweated, cried or bled on any equipment, please wipe it off. Cloths & cleaning solution are always available. Let’s keep all of our fellow athletes healthy through the year.

  1. Use only as much space as you need.

Practice good situational awareness. Be aware of other athletes around you. Is there a class going on? Private instruction? Use only the amount of “real estate” needed so you’re not bothering others. Plus, if you’re at a gym doing circuit training, get off the machine for the rest in between sets so others can work in with you. It’s not time to chat on your phone or reply to your innumerable texts while others are wanting to use the equipment.

  1. Sign up for class

Gyms/Yoga/CrossFit require signing up either in person or online. The Coach likes to know how many people are attending or if there are no shows, he/she will have some free time until the next class. If you’re not able to attend, take your name off of the list so others can take your place. As an added benefit, try your best NOT to be late out of courtesy to the Coach and your fellow athletes.

  1. Listen when the Coach is providing instruction.

It’s just common good manners to listen when someone else is speaking. Even you don’t need the specific instruction, someone else does. Side conversations make it difficult for that person to hear what Coach is correcting.

  1. Don’t have a conversation with someone in the middle of their work-out or WOD.

Unless you’re their Coach, refrain from talking to the person in the middle of a set or a heavy lift.

  1. Keep the chalk in the bucket.

And don’t even think of moving it in the middle of a WOD. Take only the amount of chalk needed…don’t be wasteful. You’re not baking cookies!! Besides, chalk residue is messy.

  1. Don’t complain about the workout unless you’re injured.

Check the pride at the door of the box or gym. Show up ready to work hard and be supportive & friendly toward your fellow athletes in class. Cheer everyone on whether faster or slower than you.

  1. Thank the Coach after the workout.

People like to be appreciated. So show some needed appreciation for the efforts that your Coach makes helping you reach your fitness goals.

While we’re on the topic of Coaches, if you are in the market for personal training, I highly recommend John. He is very knowledgeable and listens to your needs. His programs target the areas needing strength according to your requirements. You can reach him on Instagram @unleashed_perform.

Thank you again, John, for sharing your thoughts on this month’s topic!!





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