I don’t know about you but I need to be in a certain frame of mind to go shopping at Costco. The idea of going to battle crosses my mind!! I need to do lots of deep breathing and realize that many of my fellow Costco shoppers may not read this blog post inspired by one written by Scott Hammond. I can only hope that these ideas will be decimated somehow…here’s hoping!!

  1. No parking lot racing to get the best spot ie. Closest to the door. Just give it up and park far away from the maddening crowd and enjoy the walk to the door. Just be wary of people not having situational awareness to notice you passing their driver side car door so you don’t get whacked.
  2. The Costco “attitude”: Don’t expect to get in and out in five minutes. This is an endurance race not a sprint. Breathe and relax. I take my own advice, btw. Take your time so you can enjoy the chicken fingers & fries as a reward! And they have the best price on bottled water in town!!
  3. Greet the greeter: They are people just like you who appreciate a smile and a hello. Remember the Golden Rule. And have your card ready for them to view so you’re not blocking the entrance.
  4. It’s like shoppers forget how to drive when they enter the store. Chaos ensues as a result. Costco cart traffic violation No. 1. Keep moving. If you MUST stop, park your cart on the right side. You won’t cause a traffic jam that way. Remember to pass left to left. Keep it moving!
  5. Food sample violation No. 1: Under NO circumstances are you to stop in the middle of the aisle and wait five minutes for the burrito sample to heat. This is not your last meal.
  6. Food sample violation No. 2: Keep your sampling to one ONLY. It’s a sample, not an entrée. Move off to the side to make room for others who want to sample, too. And please put your tiny paper cup in the garbage can provided.
  7. Costco cart traffic violation No. 2: Don’t stop mid-aisle and visit with that friend you haven’t seen for so long. If you must stop (See rule No. 4) or go off to the Paper Goods section and chat. You can catch up uninterrupted there.
  8. Don’t overthink the best checkout line to go through — pick one! If Costco is busy, they will all be about the same time in getting you through and out. I have been amazed at how quickly huge line-ups get processed. The cashiers & packers have it down to a fine art. Plus, politely greet them, too.
  9. Don’t ask the runner to get the five items you forgot — get them while in the warehouse. Utilizing a runner delays all behind you. By the way: they do not actually run!
  10. Have your membership card & payment but not your phone ready for the cashier — you have the time, money, and the conclusion of the Costco run as your special reward. The phone needs to disappear so you can be efficient and thoughtful of those behind you.

Bonus – 10 points: Greet the greeter on the way out — load your stuff out of the way of traffic. And drive safely out of the Costco lot. People are really clueless when navigating parking lots — both drivers and walkers.

Make your grocery shopping pleasant for yourself and those around you. Shopping is both a state of mind and a series of good social behaviors to practice. Keep some basic order and remember to keep breathing. And keep the line moving!

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