Career Matters

Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If you have that awareness, you have good manners, no matter what fork you use. ~Emily Post

Career Matters

Did you know that recent research coming out of Harvard University suggests that long-term success in our professional work and personal life is 85% dependent on our “soft skills”?

This program provides useful, practical guidance for College/University graduates as they move into their chosen career paths greatly enhancing their success. With their development in mind, the chosen topics will transition them well with a mature focus that is realistic yet enthusiastic about the future. They will see their role in society as making a positive contribution, serving others in their professional work done well. Employees transitioning to leadership roles would benefit from these course topics. And as an added bonus, they can be presented as stand-alone workshops.

The 5 classes include games and role-playing for the students. Hand-outs; quizzes are provided as well.

Topics Include:

Civility & Leadership
Learn what is civility. Understand trends that define modern manners in the workplace.

• What civility is and why it’s so important
• Basic causes of incivility
• 5 main components of civility – respect for self & others…responsibility…nonjudgmental…
awareness…intentional communication

Presentation Skills: Image, Attitude, Decorum, and Poise
The overall message that is sent to your audience by clothing & behavior choices

• Review effective presentation skills
• Realize the impact of image
• Practice techniques for conveying confidence
• Learn basic podium protocol
• Practice your public speaking

Communication: Oral, Written, Digital and Nonverbal
The way we communicate with others is an integral skill to master

• Solve communication problems in the workplace
• What does communication require?
• What are some barriers to overcome?
• Each participant will learn his/her own communication style
• What are the habits of effective communicators?

Social Intelligence & Building Trust
Once soft skills are mastered, learn how to convey credibility & confidence in your professional image

• Define social intelligence
• Identify the benefits of social IQ
• Discuss trust and why it’s needed
• Learn how social IQ builds trust

Dining Etiquette
Use correct table manners for a three course meal along with tips on networking successfully

  • Meeting and greeting protocols; basic networking, coming to the table, seating plans, name tags
  • Navigating the table: menus, place settings, use of napkins, passing, sharing etc
  • Basic table manners: using utensils, silent service signals, eating difficult foods, Continental & American dining rules
  • Business dining nuances: art of conversation, managing the bill, introductions, when to discuss business, making others comfortable, closing the meal etc.

After completing this program, participants will be etiquette-wise and avoid social & business faux pas that could cost them their reputation. They will navigate sticky situations related to rudeness and incivility in the workplace. Finally, the participants will feel confident in a variety of business & social settings.

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