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Re-gift with these 6 Tips

Re-gifting may appear cheap and superficial, as it were. But your resident Etiquette Expert says that it’s perfectly fine as long as some basic criteria are followed. Let’s face it, not every gift we receive is to our liking or taste. The hassle of returning the gift...

How to Avoid the Thorny Issue of Gift Exchanges

We are heading into one of the busiest times of the year for the retail market. A new Deloitte forecast predicts that folks will spend up to 9% more this holiday period as compared to 2020. The Retail Council of Canada’s 4th annual Holiday Shopping Survey, of over...

Theatre Etiquette for Dummies

Going to see a live performance on stage is not like going to see a film at a movie theatre. Of course, there are certain pointers for movie goers as well, but going to see a play requires even more awareness of your fellow theatre-goers and actors on stage to ensure...

Tips for Teens to Ace their First Job Interview

Applying for jobs can seem a bit daunting as teens are moving out of their comfort zone of home & school. However, a first job provides a young person with so much real life experience in terms of learning to work with other colleagues, the challenges of dealing...

Things your Dental Hygienist Wishes you Would Do

From time to time, I like to ask professionals for their input on good etiquette while on the job or at least, what they would like to see in a perfect world. The suggestions are helpful as they come from real world experience which always has much wisdom to share....

5 Rules of Winter Trail Etiquette You Might Not Know

Cross country skiers, ski-shoers, snowshoers, “fat tire” bikes, snowmobilers, hikers are all hitting the trails in our beautiful Rockies. However, a little understanding of good trail etiquette will mitigate any rude or disruptive or even dangerous behavior. Snow on...

10 Tips to Email Your Professor Like A Boss

Email etiquette can be a struggle for students as the topic is never taught in high school. But it’s very important to learn this skill as professors in universities & colleges are etiquette professionals. And your future boss will be one, too. It’s never too...

Better Zoom Sessions for Kids with These Tips

Wow!! Who would have thought that at the beginning of 2020, the year would take such a strange turn of events worldwide with quarantines; lockdowns; social distancing in addition to working from home because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many school teachers & their...

What NOT to Say to an Adoptive Parent(s)

I was reading an interesting post about an adoptive mom and her challenges with those who say the darnedest things about her family!! What piqued my curiosity was to learn about her experiences as I’m an adoptive mom, too. Adoption has a certain mystique about it....

6 Ways to Help Your Children Handle the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dr. Meg Meeker is a favorite expert of mine pertaining to issues about healthcare for children. Her approach is based on solid experience dealing with her own pediatric patients and their families. Please read her comments on this pandemic. President Trump has just...

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