It’s been said that a good husband is easier to find than an exceptional Stylist. We are often in their chair getting our well-shaped tresses trimmed or highlighted on a regular basis. If we make a point of respecting their professional expertise, then he/she will continue to provide the outstanding service that we’ve come to expect. Use these tips to create a good working relationship.

Be on time

Five or even ten minutes is okay depending on the service being provided. A shampoo n’ cut takes about one hour so being a bit late means the next client will be later in starting. However, if you’re having a 3 hour extravaganza, then being a bit late won’t that problematic. But do phone the Salon alerting the Stylist out of good manners.

Tipping the Stylist

The tip rate is the same in any other service industry – 15 to 20%. As Salons have been hit hard with the opening & closing of their businesses during the pandemic, make a point of tipping generously. Plus, higher tipping is usually for extraordinary, above and beyond the call of duty, for example, your Stylist had to return your hair color from green as a result of a DIY home dye nightmare to its original look.

Using your phone

If you’re sitting and processing; the call is short; there aren’t people around you, then that’s a good time. But don’t continuously keep up a conversation while your Stylist is trying to provide a haircut with your head bobbing around dangerously close to the scissors. Are you perhaps talking on the phone because the rapport with your Stylist isn’t that great?

Topics of conversation

Like any other public place, there are certain topics that are off limits especially since there are other clients in the near vicinity. Refrain from talking about the crazy exploits of a party; political rants and using your Stylist as a cheap psychotherapist. Trust me, your neighbor in the next chair is SO not interested in those conversations.

Creating your style

Bring in a photo of a style that you’re considering. Be open minded, though, and discuss it with your Stylist. Remember that she/she is experienced and knows what types of hair and face shape suit which style. Don’t get into a debate.

Eeek, I look like Bozo the Clown!!

Honesty is the best policy. Speak up if you’re not happy with how the style is progressing. Another good reason to stay off the phone!! If the Stylist is cutting too much off the ends or the bangs aren’t right, say something. Don’t wait until the end and leave the Salon in a huff.

Finding the right Stylist

If you’re new to a Salon, book a few appointments with different staff members until you find the one you’re most happy with. Stylists understand that not every client resonates with every stylist.

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