The Olympics are fast approaching again. Many parents and children alike will be glued to the screen at every opportunity to watch the medal runs or games cheering on our Canadian team. As the winners mount the podium, it’s a good moment to reflect on the fact that these athletes whether they are solo competitors or part of a team depend on the expertise of others in their success.

This is true in everyday life as we are interconnected to each other in particular ways. Becoming proficient at a sport is a great way to learn about life. It’s not about being the Star Player but knowing how to be humble yet working very hard achieving one’s goals. Here are my tips for becoming a better player (and person, too!!).

1. We arrive at practices and games early. We listen attentively to our coaches with a good attitude. We play fairly by the rules.

2. We respect our minds & bodies keeping them in excellent condition. We train hard, eat healthy food and get plenty of rest. We will never harm ourselves with smoking, drugs or alcohol.

3. We practice self-control over our words & actions before, during and after the game. We respect the Referees; Judges and all officials. We don’t argue back over a decision that we don’t like.

4. We celebrate our victories but we don’t celebrate our opponent’s defeat. Nor do we brag about our abilities.

5. We are proud of our team and encourage fellow teammates positively. Representing the team with pride and integrity, we promise to be good examples of sportsmanship both during and after the game. We also want to represent Canada and be excellent Ambassadors of our nation.

Remember that respectful attitudes lead to respectful words and actions alike. Elite athletes have a tremendous responsibility to be good role models for up and coming younger athletes competing at high levels. But even if our children are happily “middle of the road” in their respective sports, we can help them succeed and build their character simultaneously. In the meantime, let’s be loud and proud for our Canadian athletes competing!!!


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