I have a confession to make. I’m terrible at making resolutions. They’re usually broken by January 4th. However, when it comes to civility, that’s a different matter entirely. While I love to teach this important topic, I work at “walking the talk”, too. I gave some thought to what I believe are the 10 important core civility concepts to be embraced for 2017.

I will resolve to stop “phubbing” – defined as “snubbing someone in favor of your mobile phone.”

I suspect that Steve Jobs never anticipated how phones would disconnect us as much as they have in some ways. Heck, he wouldn’t allow his children more than 30 minutes a day of screen time. He may have been on to something!!

I will acknowledge people around me especially my family.

Don’t grunt an acknowledgment when a family member comes into the room. Take your eyes away from the screen and look them in the face saying “Hi, how are you?” This reveals how pleased you are that they exist even if they do happen to be siblings.

I won’t talk on the phone if there is a client/customer in front of me.

Sorry, but my greenbacks are more important than that call you just took. Watch me while I walk out the door of your store. Basic good customer service is all about the customer – the real life breathing one in front of you. The actual human trumps the one on the phone, I’m afraid.

I will resolve to take responsibility for my actions and not blame others.

Nothing says your career is going nowhere better than blaming others for your mistakes. It makes no sense especially in light of the fact that most of the team likely know how you messed up in the first place. Just man up and say “I messed up and I’m sorry. I’ll try my best to fix the problem.” We are all human and prone to mistakes on a daily basis. No one will think less of you.

I will never make the grammatical error of their; there; they’re OR your; you’re.

Please for the love of the English language, stop making these spelling/grammatical faux pas. These errors will make one appear unintelligent at worst and careless at best. It’s jarring to the eyes and general senses.

I will never leave the next person stranded in the bathroom by neglecting to change the empty toilet roll. The same goes for not refilling the paper tray in the copier, too.

Nothing says love like changing the toilet roll or filling up the copier tray with fresh paper. I smile just thinking about it.

I will also let people off of the elevator first before attempting to enter.

Nature is ordered for a reason. It’s the same rationale for elevators. When the door opens, pause a moment to see if anyone is departing. If not, then step well into the car so the elevator door doesn’t slam you in the shoulder.

I will never take the last cookie or pork chop without asking if someone would like to have it instead. Nor will I leave an empty coffee urn on the burner but will endeavor to make another pot for my hard-working colleagues.

It’s all about situational awareness. Being aware of those around you and how to make them happy is the secret to happiness in life.

I will always remember the Golden Rule – do unto others as I would like done unto me.

Make this year the year for practicing civility. Remember that civility begins with each one of us. Let’s make it go viral. I choose civility in 2017 and beyond!!

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